Speculate on the Ferris Bueller Returns sequel

Why not? I'd like to hear your comments and suggestions on a follow-up! Casting would be no problem since Matthew Broderick is the next Dick Clark. Would there be another road trip? Is Ferris in college working on his masters degree or working in downtown Chicago?

E-mail me your best storyline and I'll post and send a summary to Paramount.



Jeff B. (7 November 1997)

Ferris does indeed work downtown...now he's a lawyer in bev hills, tons of responsibility...but Cameron, who did in fact marry the first woman he laid, and the second, and the third...is back, and looking for a good time...he hijacks Ferris for a day, a day which Ferris had set aside to spend with his nerdy/geeky/dorky kid, whom he never sees...due to work...he realizes, through a day of madcap fun and hijinx, that he has lost his former 'coolness' and at the same time his kid (boy or girl...I don't think that would matter much) realizes how much he/she can have in school. During the day, we see a dual transformation of both Ferris and his kid.

Luggage148@aol.com (19 October 1997)

I'm not sure making a sequel would be the best idea. This is, in the history of movies, the greatest movie that I ever saw, and as much as I'd like to see Ferris again, this movie had a certain one-time quality to it. Perhaps that is from the whole eighties look, which would certainly be lost with a sequel. It was his BIG DAY OFF, and reproducing it might cheapen that. If I were to support anyone's idea, it would be Greg Duryea's, I really liked the idea of Sloane leaving Ferris for Charlie Sheen's character...

StudHoss10@aol.com (28 September 1997)

I think that ferris should be working in hollywood as an actor trying to make it with Cameron, a big shot lawyer or something, and ferris should mooch off of Cameron and drive him crazy.

Discojb@aol.com (5 September 1997)

I don't like the idea of a second Ferris Bueller at all. That is my favorite movie of all time and I think a sequel could only hurt the original. BAD IDEA!!!

NESAKAI@prodigy.net (22 July 1997)

I think Ferris would have gone to a good college in Illinois, like Northwestern. He didn't attend grad school but he started a computer/software corporation, which was an instant success. He married Sloane, who is now a high school teacher, and they are expecting twins, a boy and a girl. Cameron, after killing the car and standing up to his father, was thrown out in the streets. He was taken in by the Bueller's and was forced to marry Jeanie. He had no college education, and is now working in the mail room at Ferris' company. Jeanie is now a big shot lawyer and bosses poor Cameron around constantly. Ferris feels guilty about screwing up Cameron's life and over the past 5 years has tried to get Cameron in advertising or in some other part of the company, but it has never worked out.

kell1013@msn.com (4 July 1997)

No way they'll do a sequel, since they always pale in comparison to the first one anyway. If they did though, it would be cool to see Ferris as the new Sausage King of Chicago, or something close.

Tue Sorensen (30 May 1997)

Ferris is now a dean at a high school and uses his expertise on ditching to make life hell for the new students. One student, however (who's very popular, and both with the geeks, drugheads, footballers, etc), is too smart for him, and he gets a taste of his own medicine, basically ending up like Rooney even though he thought he had everything figured out. Then, at the end, he realizes that he's become his worst nightmare, a responsible adult who doesn't understand teenagers, and he makes a U-turn, becoming the best pal of the new ditch champ!

Mike (25 May 1997)

Ferris is now a teacher in the same high school he went to. Rooney's still principal and still hates Ferris. His life sucks: ­ he didn't end up marrying Sloane ­ he ended up with this other chick. He just got divorced from her, and he's really tight. But someone in his class makes him remember the way that he used to be, and he decides it's time to take the day off. He calls up Cameron and Sloane good times the whole day, marries Sloane in the end. Through the day Rooney's trying to catch Ferris cuz he hates him and wants him fired. But he doesn't.

GGVIP223@aol.com (24 May 1997)

Ferris and Cameron are both working downtown Chicago in the same office (where they are both writers they sell ideas for various things, mag, products, and so on). where they've been working for the last 3-5 years. Ferris is Cameron's superior, Ferris has become a little more out of touch with the idea of having fun. It's a job which that once inspired so many ideas, but now has become more of a job. Cameron asks Ferris did you hear who is getting married next week (Sloan's sister, or best friend whatever works best) and hears that Sloane will be flying in for it the day before,(ferris and Sloane broke after Ferris graduated he went to college out of state, and she moved somewhere else senior year. So they lost touch, So ferris decides to spend the day with her. they are kind of Awkward at each other at ferris, and she mentions a boyfriend who couldn't make it. Ferris her and Cameron and his wife end up spending the day in Chicago all over, by the day of the wedding ferris and Sloane become very tight, and she ends up moving in with ferris, take it from there. but you get the idea. ps. die hard Ferris Bueller fanferris is supposed to write an article about life or living in Chicago, and is uninspired untill his day with Sloane, it turns out to be his best work, and ferris asks her again do you want to get married today, and this time she says yes

Gallagher (18 May 1997)

It is my favorite movie, but a sequel should be out of the question. Ferris Bueller's Day Off is such an important movie for teenagers to see, it has become like a Casablanca for us. And you didn't see them make a sequel to Casablanca...

Doug Erhard (18 May 1997)

He's a fry-cook on Venus, duh!!  

T. B. Marconi (13 May 1997)

The reason that Ferris rules...is that it is based in such a cool concept...relationship that matters! that is what makes Ferris the best...he cares about Cameron so much that he is willing to risk a 9th sick day and the rest of his life for his friend...that is the concept that a sequel would have to have...his willing ness to risk everything for a friend...one that was not on top of things or as cool as he is.   The sequel would have to be different very different or it wouldn't work..his son perhaps...12 years old...has a friend that is the school dud...Ferris has to risk his entire future on the kid...for his son...because he loves his son...and the son loves his best friend...it has to be comedic....and fast paced...involving a couple of USA cities..Orlando and L.A.? Houston and Boise? D.C. and NYC? yeah...the latter is good...DC and NYC...trains or flights involved...Ferris' work and family may be involved...NO Ed Rooney...No Cameron...No high school...perhaps Ed Rooney has a grandson who is the kid that is the best friend...and it is Ed's daughter's kid...so we don't know that til later on in the movie...maybe Ed makes a cameo appearnace at the kids ball game...in fact that is when it all makes sense that the identity of the kid and how big this was that Ferris went all out for him...Ferris knew the entire time who the kid was...he made the connection from a photo that Ed had in his office when he worked at the high school..and Ed realizes that Ferris has saved his grandson's life from becoming RUINED because of his sacrifice...   yeah..that is it....it's a take...send the cash directly to me here!

Laurie (09 May 1997)

Ferris is working at a Burger King in downtown Chigago. One day, again, he decides he needs a day off. He looks up Cameron, who is working at some high class/paying place, and forces him to 'enjoy' the day with him. All the while, their bosses are searching the city so they can find and possibly fire them.   (same cast, Alan Ruck lives on)     P.S. I am open for improvement  

Matt Barnett (07 May 1997)

Hi-   BIG Ferris Bueller fan here...   I was wondering, how far along are you on the list of songs in the movie? They're listed at the end of the video, but the print is to small for me to read....   Do you have an incomplete list..Or have some of the tunes....   Hope to hear from you soon..   Matt

ricky45@ibm.net (03 May 1997)

There is not going to be a Ferris Bueller 2. The movie is 11 years old. Matthew Broderick is currently having a midlife crisis. As a good a thought as it may be, it is not happening. At all. We'll be lucky if they come out with a book.

Greg Duryea (01 May 1997)

Ferris is in college heading for a masters in law when Sloane dumps him for Garth Volbeck (Charlie Sheen in the original). Ferris begins thinking his life has no meaning and he and Cameron hang out in the city for one last day (ditching finals). Ferris tells the advisors that he is sick. Meanwhile the dean of students goes into Chicago to look for Ferris. Many flashbacks from the original plus added scenes not shown in theaters.

Mark Werts (12 Apr 1997)

Ferris can get a really bad job in the UP ­ the upper peninsula of Michigan, that is ­ and be living in the remote wilderness. He does all the stuff an ordinary Yooper does, mine for copper, go ice fishing, wrestle bears. He's really in a rut. Then Sloane visits him­ she's come back from her successful life in California, and she encourages him to take some initiative. So he and Cameron pack it up and head to the west. Ferris has to find a job and gets one ­ a bartender in a sleazy gay bar. Then one day his old principal comes in and really embarrasses him, which stirs Ferris to want something more. He becomes a successful movie producer, although some days he skips work! I definitely recommend this, if only for the potential money-making opportunities. I guarantee that once they know they'll be mentioned in a movie, the Billy Goats Gruff ­ those that live above the bridge ­ will come to see the movie. Again and again and again. It doesn't take much to hold their attention!

Matt Clarke (12 Apr 1997)

Sequel? Yeah! There should be a sequel! That movie is the greatest movie of all time, I could relate to it because I am a student myself. A hundred years from now, people will watch "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" like we watch Bogart's classics. I would love to see a sequel.

Disaaster@aol.com (10 Apr 1997)

Your idea is noble, but you will never be able to make a sequel. Leave Ferris alone, it's a once in a lifetime movie, a sequel would kill it.

HnSolo@aol.com (22 Mar 1997)

I have thought of a great idea for a sequel for one of the greatest movies of all time. Perhaps Ferris, now married to Sloane, decides to take a day off of work at his new job (some giant corporation), and the manager of his department is replacing Ed Rooney's role. Cameron did exactly as Ferris said he would, and married the first girl he laid, and his marriage is a total hell. So Ferris gets Sloane and Cameron out of work to play hooky, in remembrance of their old teenage days.

Steven Palmer (21 Mar 1997)

It's gotta be Ferris in France. He is an intern for an ad agency or maybe he is at the Sorbonne. Cameron and Sloane come to visit, and they have a little outing like in Chicago. Maybe Ferris is living with a wealthy family kinda like his parent's friends or something (or maybe he is an exchange student).

Another idea would be to make Ferris older, married to Sloane, living in the U.S. somewhere, and they all reminisce about the old days....whatever..

Still one more...Ferris/college/fraternity/last minute trip to Europe with Sloane, Cam, & they go and Jeanie finds out. Jeanie is still in high school, so she skips school, gets caught and the parents never find out that Ferris is traveling Europe cause he rigged it that he is either in the library, in the computer lab, or has same recording/devices to cover his ass...This idea seems to have a lot of room for development.

That's it! Loved the movie and really do hope that there's a sequel. GOTTA BE ONE!!! It's been 10 years already!!

BUSAWARD@livjm.ac.uk (10 Feb 1997)

Imagine it is 10 years down the line (not that hard) Ferris, who still looks about 12, is now a truant officer. It may sound far fetched but think about this for a story line. A kid doing to Ed Rooney what Ferris did all those years ago, and having to phone truant officer Bueller and ask for his help to try and catch the "little asshole."

Lynette Cocks (29 Jan 1997)

How about doing a film in London.  There is so much he could do here, and London is getting to be a very popular location.  It's not a spectacular idea, but it is an idea.

Fred Rogers (17 Jan 1997)

I don't know if you're still interested in ideas for a sequel to FB, but I think He'd have to be working somewhere really different. Maybe like a wacky ad exec based in Paris. I don't know if he and Sloane married, but she's definitely around. He's working, sure. But not pedantically or with caged animosity. No, he enjoys his life. His role as savior would have to be played out, but maybe this time he'd need a little saving? Maybe this time, Cameron would get HIS shit together a little earlier and help save the day maybe?

The above paragraph is the result of 10 minutes of spit balling with three other co-workers, all diehard fans. The end result of our chat: no sequel would ever do justice.

Now, a question. In one scene (I don't remember which, I'll watch it again tonight and find out) there's a framed lithograph shown in the background. It's a painted sketch, very simple and broadly stylized, of two women leaning against a guard rail on what appears to be a cruise ship. One's blonde, the other brunette. One with a modest plaid two-piece, the other with a one-piece. Any ideas? I've been looking for this print for years.

Thanks for your help and thanks for a great page.

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