Dedicated to Lucy Deakins, the beautiful 1980s actress best known for her starring role in the movie The Boy Who Could Fly.
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Born: 1971, New York, NY

Graduated: 1988, Stuyvesant High School (Manhattan, NY)

Married: now Lucy Webb


The Boy Who Could Fly (September 1986)

Character: Milly

Nov 10, 1986; People Weekly; "Lucy Deakins, 15, learns all the world's a stage, or else a movie, or a video" -- Lucy Deakins has, for the time being, abandoned thoughts of becoming a marine biologist in favor of acting. Deakins earned glowing reviews for her role in The Boy Who Could Fly and has also appeared in commercials, a soap opera, a Broadway play, and a Yoko Ono video. Not bad for a 15-year-old A student at Manhattan's Stuyvesant High. Her next role will be as the daughter of a deaf playwright in The Hands of Its Enemy, a play by Mark Medoff.

Sep 8, 1986; New York; "Stuyvesant's star" -- Lucy Deakins could become a teenage movie idol, but she doesn't fit the part. Deakins, whose first film opens in mid- September, is an eleventh grader at Manhattan's competitive Stuyvesant High School. The daughter of college instructors, Deakins grew up talking about books instead of movies. She tried modeling once but found it boring. In The Boy Who Could Fly, Deakins plays the friend of a disturbed boy who thinks that he can fly.


The Hands of Its Enemy (1987) PLAY

Character: Deaf Playwright

Little Nikita aka The Sleepers (1988)

Character: Barbara Kerry

Lucy plays a bit part as River Phoenix's girlfriend.


The Great Outdoors (1988) DVD

Character: Cammie

Lucy makes the smoking list for her role:

"Annette takes only a drag of an all-white cigarette in a restaurant. More interesting smoking comes from Lucy Deakins, a young woman (about 18 years-old) smoking all-white cigarettes in 2 scenes. Doubtful inhales, but a nice exhale under a light."

Cheetah (1989)

Character: Sarah

A vacation in Kenya turns into an adventure when two California teens adopt an infant cheetah and raise it. When the animal is stolen by gamblers, the kids pursue the thieves with the help of their tribal friend.

There Goes My Baby aka Last Days of Paradise (1993)

Character: Mary Beth

Effective chronicle of a transitional period in the lives of eight California students as they graduate from high school in the summer of 1965.

Hot from the Montreal Film Festival comes THERE GOES MY BABY, a virtual companion piece to AMERICAN GRAFFITI. But it's 1965; between the Kennedy assassination, the Civil Rights movement and the realities of the Vietnam War, American teenagers have lost some of their innocence. This is a riveting, infectious drama in which eight high school graduates confront their future on two fateful nights, complete with mid-60s soundtrack counterpointing the action.

"Law & Order episode "Discord" (October 6, 1993) TV

Character: Julia Wood

A college student charges an admittedly promiscuous rock star with rape, but he claims the act was consensual.

A Mother's Gift aka A Lantern In Her Hand (1995) TV

Character: Isobelle (as adult)




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